Olyn Developer Documentation

Olyn is a universal asset registry, on a blockchain, embedded at the time of purchase. It is a standardized language to identify items in a digital format.

Who are we ?

Welcome to the global API asset registry that empowers merchants and developers, through an ecosystem of web3 tools and services, designed to boost the asset's lifespan.

Why ?

The opportunity exists to revolutionize the way that we manage and interact with physical assets. Our focus is to become the universal open system supporting a standard framework for asset identification and interaction, underpinned by blockchain technology.

Where ?

The starting position is the e-commerce point of sale, where the traditional receipt is replaced with a transfer of ownership, where the digital asset identity moves into the inventory of the new owner.

Enhancing value exchange

Change is accelerating faster than ever: disruptive commerce and economic models are transforming the way we consume, physical and digital universes are converging, and technology is democratizing new ways to build identity and wealth. But the human desire for ownership and expression of individuality remain as strong as ever. Olyn empowers ownership and identity in this new era of unprecedented opportunity.

Olyn Wallet

What are the possibilities ? - Olyn Wallet

Turning buyers into owners. A fair and simple solution to empower ownership and enhance the value and life-cycle of your assets.

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