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Table of References


These tables are updated constantly and provide a guidance over some already parametrized inputs.

ID Providers#

ID ProviderURLDescription
GlobalIDGlobalIdGlobaliD is a digital identity platform that puts you in control of your identity and your data.
ROLYRolyWelcome to Roly. The better way to manage your assets.

Metadata Types#

Metadata typeDescription
NO_TYPEType set by default in case type is not provided.
PRICEType that identifies a metadata field containing a price.
RETAIL_IDENTIFIERMerchant ID used to identify the asset in other platforms not integrated with Olyn.

Metadata Visibility#

PUBLICMetadata content can be seen by everyone. This type is set by default.
PRIVATEMetadata content can be seen only by the unit-card oenr and the organization that srt up the metadata field