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General Card Resource Object

Resource object and functionalities are subject to change


Feature under construction, minimum features enabled. Resource object not completed and updated daily.


id string#

A unique identifier for the object

name string#

The name of the unit card. This is any name the user wants to give their card.

media hash#

The photos the owner of the unit card has uploaded. Each photo object is described below:

imageUrls list[strings]URL pointer of the image resource
videoUrls list[strings]URL pointer of the video resource

brand string#

Creator or Brand representing the asset.

units card issued int#

Total number of unit cards registered under one general card.

units card claimed int#

Total number of unit cards with an owner under one general card.

metadata hash#

Any additional metadata associated with the object. Metadata can be anything. It is user defined, so key value pairs could be strings, ints, nested objects, etc. This is completely up to the implementation of the developer.

For more information see, Metadata object

General Card Object#

"id": "12f8e893eb6e4b2745750fd1",
"name": "PRO TOUR 4000",
"media": {
"imageUrls": [""],
"videoUrls": []
"unitCardsIssued": 40,
"unitCardsClaimed": 35,
"metadata": [
"key": "itemMetadata",
"value": {
"id": "141249953214522980",
"variant_id": 40660648558782,
"title": "PRO TOUR 4000"
"key": "productId",
"value": "141249953214522980",
"visibility": "PUBLIC"
"key": "retialPrice",
"value": [0.0, "USD"],
"metaType": "PRICE",
"visibility": "PRIVATE"