What is Olyn

What is Olyn and what enables you to do.

At Olyn we allow asset tokenization effortlessly, under Web 3 frameworks to enhance security, privacy and transparency. Our framework of tools allows you to create, manage, secure, modify and aggregate tokens with a few lines of code.


Olyn is a backbone system for web3 frameworks.

Olyn API is designed to provide easy integration with current systems and to have ready all sets of tools for the developer to use and build and manage assets under Web 3 frameworks.
Olyn Asset are cross-chain compatible and have a small cost footprint as smart contracts are optimized to be efficient and cost-effective.

At Olyn we provide various levels of interactions, in order to allow all types of developers to interact with this framework. From having developers initiating or not having time to learn new web3 frameworks to experienced developers that prefer to handle and build blockchain transactions for smart contracts to interact with Olyn set of tools is any Web 3 framework.

Alternative services are fixed and static, they do not allow you to have a custom set of fields in the token. All of them offer similar products under ERC-721 or ERC-1155 protocols in which their token fields are predefined and cannot be changed, additionally, it requires you to expose all data associated with the token making it not compliant with privacy applications or services.

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Learn about how Olyn allows you to create any token format registry.