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The main resource of Olyn, this object is used to identify a resource within the platform. Each asset has a unique id which can be used for further dependent resources, such as Adding or Update data on Asset, Adding or Update files on Asset, among other services.
The essential information of the asset is represented by an Asset Model which includes the following data:

idObjectIdUnique identifier of the resourceAuto
ownerStringPublic key of the owner of the assetSet by the developer
currentChainStringBlockchain where the token is currently located.Auto
statusStringAsset status.Auto
createdAtDateDate of creation of the resourceAuto
createdByStringEntity creating the resourceAuto
    "asset": {
            "id": "62a31bea837e11bbf2b8dadd",
            "owner": "J5CCTwQaQ8R1DqpRJ1fHFdQ2zBff8jVuHShGA1uAFRge",
            "currentChain": "SOLANA",
            "status": "OWNED",
            "createdBy": "OLYN",
            "createdAt": "2022-06-10 10:24:42.366851"

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