Olyn API Ledger

Learn about Olyn ledger resource

Resource used to track all changes of the asset has experienced, all the following listed actions are tracked.

  • Asset Creation
  • Asset Transfer
  • Status change of the Asset
  • Add, Modify, and Delete data to the Asset
  • Add, Modify, and Delete files to the Asset
asset_idStringIdentifier of the asset this is linked toAuto
urlStringUrl of the action performed in the assetAuto
method_triggeredStringmethod triggered in the url specifiedAuto
computed_hashStringHash computed after the action takes placeAuto
past_hashStringHash computed before the action takes placeAuto
created_atDateDate of creation of the resourceAuto
created_byStringEntity creating the resourceAuto
  "url": "POST:http://localhost:5001/v1/assets",
  "method_triggered": "ASSET_CREATION",
  "computed_hash": "cfd8313de00dbb491b54ad69437ba74d25bc425ea886238add2d0c4a7982e3af",
  "past_hash": "Root",
  "created_at": "2022-06-10 16:38:00.686000",
  "created_by": "OLYN"

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