Olyn API Registry Template


Template resources are used to distribute, define and verify asset tokens before creation. This main resource is used to represent the asset format and verify their creation of them afterwards. Additionally is where rules are defined.
The template resource is composed of three fields.

  • templateInfo, which encapsulates descriptive information for the template itself.
  • assetData, which encapsulates descriptive information of the asset.
  • eventData, which encapsulates data related to 3rd parties or external checks to perform in order to validate the asset creation.

Resources models

List of all models in order to define and fully access the template resource.

Template model

        "templateInfo": {
            "templateId": "TEMPALTE-UUID",
            "createdAt": "DAT-OF-CREATION",
            "createdBy": "X-ORG-CODE",
            "name": "TEMPALTE-NAME",
            "description": "TEMPALTE-DESCRIPTION",
            "version": "TEMPLATE-VERSION"
        "assetData": [assetResource],
        "eventData": [assetResource]
templateInfoObject HashInformation about the template
templateIdObject IdUnique identifier for the templateAuto
createdAtDateDate when the template was createdAuto
createdByStringIdentifier of the entity that created the templateAuto
nameStringName of the templateSet by developer
descriptionStringDescription of the templateSet by developer
versionStringThe version of the templateSet by developer
assetDatalist[Object Hash]List of field definitions
eventDatalist[Object Hash]List of field definitions

Field model

  "fieldName": "KEY-NAME",
  "isManualInput": bool,
  "isMandatory": bool,
  "fieldType": "FIELD-TYPE",
  "fieldBehaviour": "FIELD-BEHAVIOUR"
fieldNameStringKey identifier for this fieldSet by developer
isManualInputBoolIf the value is entered manually or by another systemSet by developer
isMandatoryBoolIf 'True', the value is required to create the asset tokenSet by developer
fieldTypeStringData type for the value of the fieldSet by developer
fieldBehaviourStringHow this field will be accesed and modified once the asset token is createdSet by developer