The ownership box allows merchants to issue digital twins at the customer’s account page in any e-commerce platform via a Universal Name.

To make integration possible, you should break the procedure into two parts. The primary step (/validate-name) will authenticate the UNS name and provide you with certain information required for the second step (/issue-digital-twin).

Step 1

GET /v1/validate-name?name=aunsname

Code: 200 OK
    "data": {
        "available": false,
        "payload": {
            "uns_name": "aunsname",
            "uns_name_id": "uns_name_id",
            "public_key": "public_key"

Step 2

POST /v1/issue-digital-twin

    "public_key": "{{public_key}}",
    "name_id": "{{uns_name_id}}",
    "title": "My first DT",
    "creator": "olyn",
    "description": "First DT from the ownership box",
    "quantity": 1,
    "price": 100,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "brand": "",
    "categories": ["Cat1", "Cat2"],
    "links": [""],
    "images": [""]